REO Acquisitions

InSource Financial Services LLC is a principal purchaser of REO assets nationwide. We purchase assets from among diverse classifications including residential, multi-family, land and commercial properties. We have the capacity to complete transactions consisting of a single asset, as well as multi-million dollar trades.

A cornerstone of InSource Financial's operations is the extensive due diligence process we have developed. This process is completed entirely in house by a dedicated team of individuals capable of operating quickly and efficiently. We spend countless hours conducting market research in order to completely understand the state of local economies, and the driving forces behind them. In addition, we evaluate the status of real estate markets and the effects of changing regulations throughout the country. This process allows InSource Financial to accurately synthesize all available data and act on potential purchase opportunities confidently and expediently.

One of the many benefits of our unique acquisition model and due diligence process is that it allows for the objectives of InSource Financial, lenders, and the buying public to be met. The due diligence process has been carefully refined to be completed systematically and accurately within even the most demanding timeframes. This process allows us to maximize purchase prices since we have eliminated the need to build a significant loss factor into our buying model giving us a competitive edge in today's market. Furthermore, the design of this process allows us to determine our interest level in an asset very early in the process, resulting in a larger percentage of successfully completed trades. Traditionally many buyers of REO assets begin the purchase process with an indicative bid, which requires re-negotiation once the due diligence process advances. InSource Financial completes its due diligence at the outset of the purchase process so we can submit an actual offer immediately, which is then only subject to legal due diligence.

InSource Financial is committed to contributing to the rejuvenation of the markets we operate within. Our philosophy is to discover where there is opportunity for growth and development, and help those areas reach their full potential. Assets that would otherwise stand vacant and neglected receive individualized attention when they become part of InSource Financial's inventory. We purchase many properties that are not market ready as a way to help first time home buyers achieve their dream of homeownership. InSource Financial has the resources to take these properties, develop and execute a tailored rehabilitation plan, and then return them to the market in financeable condition.

Once an REO asset has been transferred to our inventory we ensure that each property is marketed in the most effective manner possible. Our goal is to specifically tailor the marketing plan for each asset to make it competitive in its market place. Each and every home and neighborhood has its own individual identity. InSource Financial takes the time to understand the unique qualities of each asset we market, and bring their strengths to the forefront, so the buying public can see the appeal of these homes. Extensive communications with our local broker, as well as frequent review of the marketing plan are a vital part of our business philosophy. In addition, we ensure that we align our company with the highest caliber business partners in the field. The brokers that we cooperate with employ creative marketing strategies as well as the highest ethical standards.

InSource Financial places a high premium on the longstanding relationships we have developed with many of the industry's leading sellers of REO assets. We are exceptionally sensitive to the fact that the original seller remains associated with an asset, regardless of whether it has been transferred. InSource Financial operates with the utmost integrity, at all times, so as to safeguard the reputation of those we do business with.

InSource Financial has flourished due to the many years of experience its founders bring to the company and its deep understanding of the needs of the various members of our industry. This experience, as well as the creative vision InSource Financial has embraced, allows us to be a leader and driving force in the industry.

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