InSource Rewards Program

InSource Financial Services, LLC currently works with a number of investment partners who have committed significant resources to purchasing pools consisting of a wide array of nonperforming assets including, but not limited to, late stage foreclosures and REO properties throughout the country. InSource Financial has always recognized the invaluable contribution of REO brokers to our continued success. The InSource Rewards Program is designed to provide additional compensation opportunities to our valued network of REO brokers.

Participation in the InSource Rewards Program affords brokers the potential to earn commissions both within their immediate marketplace as well as on a national level. Brokers are encouraged to explore their client relationships for possible opportunities to facilitate transactions between those clients and InSource Financial. Brokers who facilitate the closing of a trade will receive a finder's commission calculated based on the size of the successful trade.

There are a number of different ways to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the InSource Rewards Program. Please contact Matthew Mattera with any potential opportunities and for additional information, terms and conditions.

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